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RG Mode 32 - Fascia Massager With Heat Function

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30 Day Warranty

If you have aching muscles, Mode 32 Fascia Massager is for you. You can massage away pain by simply picking up this little device and laying it over your area of concern. A key benefit to this device is how the heat will accelerate blood flow and increase circulation in those areas or stress, which may help decrease lactic acid buildup in muscles after a hard workout.

This also helps dislodge extracellular fluids such as synovial fluid that can contribute to inflammation. Just place your device on top of the area where needed and move around until you feel tension ease significantly increasing range of motion without any risk of injury


  • Built in heating element that heats up the ball. The heat is transferred to your sore muscles during the percussive therapy to enhance blood flow and, therefore, promote faster healing.
  • Accelerates recovery after a workout decrease injury
  • Increases the circulation in certain muscle groups decreasing lactic acid in those areas
  • Increases range of motions while reducing stiffness
  • Reduces inflammation by dislodging extracellular fluids such as synovia

Massage Heads:

  • Flat Head – Used on long flat muscle groups of the back, wrist and arm. It is also used for myofascial release. Muscles hold firm stress which can cause the muscles to become knotted. Myofascial releases that stress in the muscles.Ball Head- Most commonly used attached as it covers large muscle groups in the body enables user to target medium to large areas.
  • Cylinder Head – Used for deep tissue massages such as soles, Joints, palms, tendons and planters
  • U head- Used for areas around the spine and Achilles tendon. Target deeper than other massage heads.
    Product Details:

Compact and Portable
Low Noise
6 bar adjustment
Smart Chip
32 message modes
4 massage heads
Battery signal display
Type C charger included (Please fully charge before first use) Charging time is about 4 hours
Heats up to temperature – 104-131 F

Made with premium ADC–12 aluminum. There are no plastic powertrain parts, period! Being all aluminum means all components expand and contract in unison when subjected to the heat and friction that is inevitable in a massage gun. This all-aluminum design dramatically reduces the system fatigue that leads to increased noise and premature system failure.

Not recommended for children under the age of 13

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RG Mode 32 - Fascia Massager With Heat Function

$150.99 $53.99
Save $97.00

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