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3 in 1 Fluttering Butterfly Smart Kitten Toy - Bright White

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3 in 1, Most Versatile Cat Toy Ever
shooting feathers from random holes, flying butterflies and balls in the track. The fluffy feather keeps hiding and popping out from random holes, unpredictable movement stimulates cats to swat and play like a whack-a-mole game. The lifelike butterfly that flaps around in the air like real easily prompts cats to pounce and bat. The 4 balls which you can put in the track add extra fun when cats stick their claws into the track and bat the balls

Smartest Cat Toy
The feather or butterfly runs for 5 mins and then stops if left alone, then on standby for 4 hours during which cats can re-activate it with a slightest touch. If left alone for over 4 hours, the electric cat toy auto shuts off and needs to be re-started by flicking the switch (Tip: butterfly and shooting feather working at the same time distracts cats and reduces their interest, so we ruled out the function. One function each time won't scare away timid cats)

Dual Power Supplies
The amazing cat enrichment toy can run on 4 AA batteries (not included) or be connected to a power source at your convenience. An additional power supply option (plugged into wall power or power bank) allows you to save the cost and hassle to replace batteries. You can use mobile phone adapter (?5v) if you want to plug it in to wall power. Adapter is not included

Mental & Physical Stimulation
The kitten toy makes minimal mechanical noises that it won’t scare away timid cats. The feather and butterfly stimulate cat’s hunting instinct, promote healthy exercise and keep cats on her paws. And one of the 4 balls include a catnip pouch which makes cats excited and relieved, increases their interest in the toy. With just one toy, you can simply satisfy your cat’s mental and physical needs, stop cats getting bored when you are away or engage

Tested for Safety
Our pet toys are designed to meet stringent standards then tested against those standards because pet’s safety is our priority. The shell is made of PP resin, durable and safe for cats. And the feather and butterfly come with no sharp parts or edges, no harm for cats. One extra shooting feather refill is included in the package

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3 in 1 Fluttering Butterfly Smart Kitten Toy - Bright White

$99.99 $54.99
Save $45.00

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